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Wysowa Zdroj Health Resort is situated in the valley of the Ropa river 550 m above sea. It is surrounded by the Beskid Niski mountains with the following summits: Ostry Wierch (938 m), Cigielka (807 m), Jawor (720 m) Wysota (788 m), Jaworzynka (869m ), Kozie Zebro (847m ) i Grodek (712m). The mountains are covered by old beech-fir forests, which have specific influence on microclimate of the health resort.


There are natural springs of mineral therapeutic drinking water as: Franciszek, Jozef, Henryk, Aleksandra in the centre of the Spa Park and available for everybody. Mostly those are carbonated water like: bicarbonate- chloride-sodium water and carbonate-sodium-calcium water. "Wysowianka" mineral drinking water is based on those carbonated waters. At the Health Resort are treated diseases of respiratory, digestive and urinary systems.


Stay in Wysowa is also excellent occasion to see unique flora and beauty of animal world. In the nearby forests there are: black stork, beaver, bear, wolf and lynx. You can collect herbs and mushrooms here. There are also something for fans of active rest - two cycle routes, health footpath and horseback routes. You can get course of riding on the horseback in the saddle in the "Oslawa" horse-draws farm. There is a lot of walking routes to interesting places around Wysowa Zdroj such as to Lopacinski Valley, where are remains of pre-war mountain farm, as well as on the Jawor top, to the chapel from 1929, where is the Lemko population worship place. Numerous tourist routes lead to the highest summits of the Beskid Niski, for example to the Lackowa top (997 m).


Near Wysowa there are two places, where it is possible to cross the border to Slovakia on tourist routes: Wysowa- Cigel'ka and Blechnarka- Stebnicka Huta. In Konieczna (22 km) there is road border crossing to Slovakia. Being in Wysowa Health Resort it is worth to pop in the local regional inn "Guest Cottage", where in the atmosphere of old cottage one can taste delicacies of the Lemko cuisine. Closely Spa Park are located: swimming-pool, playground for children and band-shell and near "Glimar" hotel there are modern tennis court and bowling alley.


Additional offer for guest is also trout fishery near the "Julia" pension. Wysowa is attractive in winter too. When neighbouring mountains are covered by snow it is skis, sledge and sleigh ride time. There are two ski-lifts: first near the "Glinik"sanatorium, second is close to "Ramis" guesthouse (300 m length).

Soon will be build the modern ski station "Ostry Wierch" with chairlift of about 1600 m lenght. All hotels and guesthouse are organizing for their guests sleigh rides and many others attraction for diversity of their stay. In Wysowa Landscape there are written down the periodic cultural-entertainment performances organize in winter as well as in the summer in the open air.

There are: cross-country skiing for "Cup of Wysowa", picnics in may, folkloristic Fair and the Harvest Feast. During those events, particularly during the Fair is presented the Lamko and Podgorze folklore, and also artistic and regional handcraft and tasting of regional dishes take place there.