Towarzystwo Finansowo-Inwestycyjne Sp. z o.o.

ul. Rotm. Witolda Pileckiego 18
32-005 Niepołomice
tel: +48 665 877 191 or  +48 12 281 02 09

40 one-family and 2 semi-detached houses are located next to Palace in Rozalin, on the landscape area, under the law protection, near the beautiful Linden Alley (nature monument).


The houses are constructed in modern architecture and technology on 600 to 900 sqm plots. Rozalin is located 28 km from the centre of Warsaw. There is the microclimate better than in Konstancin-Jeziorna. Besides there are the excellent walking area and bicycle trip routes.


Only 10 km nearer Warsaw (in Walendow) prices are 50% higher. Budomex is the general constructor of that investment. The investment is in the process of realization.


Time of accomplishment- June/July 2008. First 10 unfinished houses for sale ! Sale office inside the building site in Rozalin from February.


If you have 25% equity capital - we first check the credit rating within max. 7 days and arrange instalments for the remaining payment for a period of 5 years.


House prices starting at 650 000 zl


One-Family Houses No 1 147,5 m2
One-Family Houses No 2 194,8 m2
One-Family Houses No 3 194,5 m2
Semi-Detached Houses No 1 146,6 m2


Plots ( included in house brutto price): from 600 to 900 sq m